Supporting women who want to live their best lives, hit refresh & drop everything not serving them so they can live a healthy life with joy and purpose!


Life Coaching

Do you want to move froward but are not sure how?
Do you feel that you “should” have the answers but are feeling lost? You want to move forward with purpose — confidently, happy and excited about the path ahead!

Alcohol Free Coaching

Do you wan to explore your relationship with alcohol so you can become the healthiest version of yourself? Do you feel ashamed and embarrassed that this “thing” seems to be taking up too much space in your life? You’re stuck but not derailed! Do you shy away from big groups and are looking for a private confidential setting to talk about alcohol in your life? or.. Is alcohol now “in the rear view mirror and you’re looking to tackle a new goal?

You’re in the right place if…

As a coach, I will work with you to make powerful, value-based choices in life. Our time together will be guided by insights that grow out of our conversations and your individualized work plan.

In many ways, this coaching is a partnership that thrives best through listening, challenging, and guiding in ways that bring out the creative solutions and insights you have inside you every day. 

Let’s Re-Ignite Your Passion!

I’m Lorna Wilson

I am hired by individuals who are questioning everything!  They are concerned that they are on the wrong path and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.  They want to become unstuck and reignite their passions and purpose.

With a calm and insightful style, I am a partner who listens, challenges, encourages, and guides clients to reach beyond what they thought was possible in order to find what they truly want.

In coaching, I always focus on what’s most important to you, and find the most natural and effortless way to make the breakthroughs you want.  I will quickly help you get clear on the best outcomes for you, create a plan and develop priorities to move you forward!

When I first met Lorna, my life was drifting aimlessly.  I needed a change but didn’t know what and why. Lorna helped me to look back at my life and understand who I really am and what was missing.  Together we built a plan to fulfil my dream and passion. She taught me how to battle my negative voice when it shows up, you know the one that says: “you’re not good enough”, “you can’t afford it”, “you have everything, why aren’t you happy”?

Lorna knows how to listen beyond words, and asks the right questions to get the true answers.  Every session left me more and more enlightened and excited about what was coming and the possibilities of what I can accomplish.

If you are looking for a professional to guide you through your journey, Lorna is definitively someone I would highly recommend.

~ Nathalie Paulin

Let’s work together!

If you are ready to have …

  • A purpose-driven, fulfilling life
  • An indestructible mindset and belief in yourself
  • Improved physical health
  • A routine that works for you
  • Non-negotiable, effective goals

Then I’d love to help you make that happen. 


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