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If you had asked me in my 20’s what I envisioned my path to be, I probably would have said – marriage, children, being a stay-at-mom and huge success for my husband’s business.

Life can be unpredictable.  I never expected to be widowed at 28, become a single parent, remarry and divorce! I also didn’t expect to rely a “little too much” on that nightly glass of wine to cope.

A few decades later (ok, maybe more than a few!) life is better than I could have imagined!

If you’re at a place where you’re feeling stuck and are ready to step into a new chapter with hope and possibility, then I invite you to explore these pages to see how I can help. 

“Be like a tree, let the dead leaves drop.”
– Rumi

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If you are ready to have:

A purpose-driven, fulfilling life
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A routine that works for you
Non-negotiable, effective goals

Then I’d love to help you make that happen!

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Living Alcohol Free

  • Are you tired of feeling shame and embarrassment as alcohol gains control of your life?

  • Does the notion of “I’m too old to change” prevent you from taking charge of your drinking habits?

  • Are you worried that your health is being impacted but struggle to know what do?

  • Would you appreciate a private and confidential place to discuss alcohol’s impact on your life?

Get ready to transform “big” results from making new choices.

Living On Purpose

  • Have you gone through a major transition in life and are now drifting aimlessly, longing to feel grounded?

  • Have you recently dropped a bad habit or overcome a challenge that held you back?

  • You’re nearing retirement and you want to move forward confident, happy, and excited about the path ahead!

Through personalized coaching tailored just for you, we’ll untangle those beliefs that have been tying you down and confront that inner critic holding the reins!


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