Hear what others have to say!

Maureen T

Lorna Wilson is a breath of fresh air in the coaching world. She is an outstanding coach who intuitively listens for the unspoken and gently pushes her clients to stretch to create a life filled with purpose and joy. I worked with Lorna initially to support my choice to live an alcohol-free life. She met me where I was and quickly, but patiently, helped me gather all my past learning and resources in this area to reach success. Through our work I was truly able to step into a new chapter in this area of my life.

While we began with a focus alcohol free living, Lorna guided me towards creating a vision of a rich and full life filled with all the things I am yearning to create beyond freedom from alcohol. She held me accountable while at the same time allowing me to be and do what I needed in the moment. Lorna is a delight to work with and I am eternally grateful for her support.

Karleen P

I have loved working with Lorna.  During this past year, she has guided me with wisdom, kindness, and honesty, helping me to find my way to a retirement that is rich in new experiences.

Lorna is an amazing listener, and she has a range of exercises that have allowed me to open my eyes to my strengths and my weakness with frankness and curiosity. 

With her as my mentor and guide, I have improved relationships, started a retirement business, experimented with creative expression, realized that I don’t need alcohol to be brave, and learned to trust myself. 

In this transitional period of my life, Lorna has walked by my side.  Thank you, Lorna!

Robin Gabert

Lorna was my business (life) coach for over two years and in that time, I made significant strides in building my business. Lorna helped me set my goals and together we charted a road map to strategically meet them. She provided focus, structure, and encouragement at times when I doubted my abilities. With Lorna’s direction and dedication, I was able to overcome my fears and reach my set objectives. I would recommend Lorna’s coaching services to anyone who needs clarity, focus and support in reaching their personal or professional goals and becoming a better you.

Nancy Cameron

With her friendly yet focused style Lorna challenged me to ‘dig deep’ as she guided me through a process that unraveled layers of ingrained thinking and self-expectations, a process that re-connected me to long-buried goals and aspirations.
I have experienced a very positive shift in the way I view my future because of my work with Lorna. She is a highly effective coach who is dedicated to the successes of her clients, but most importantly she is a very special person. Without hesitation, I recommend her.

Jan R

Having been in and out of therapy most of my adult life, I found Lorna when I knew I needed some help – not to hash over my childhood once again, but to see the possibilities for the years ahead.  I desperately wanted to stop substituting wine for love, widen my circle of friends, and forgive myself for what I saw as a string of failures. But I didn’t know how.

Lorna was patient, kind, funny, and a constant presence when I so needed one.  As I came to see I could trust her, I was slowly able to open myself up more, while being gently guided to see some of the warped thinking I was using that had been holding me back, keeping me stuck in a place I knew didn’t want to be. 

In time, I stopped depending on alcohol to hide from my feelings (it’s a year next month!), accepted that my “failures” were an expression of my humanity, not inherent “badness”, and what’s possible doesn’t stop – ever. 

I would tell anyone to reach out to Lorna and have that 30-minute get-to-know-you chat.  That 30 minutes was the first step on my path to now waking up and looking forward to what I can bring to today, and what today brings me. 

Working with Lorna was one of the best commitments I ever made.  If you are ready for change, hope, and seeing the possible, call Lorna. You will never regret it.

Linnea A

My time with Lorna as my coach was invaluable. Before coaching, I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to be different but found it very difficult to clarify my thoughts and voice what I really wanted to have and do with my life.

Due to situations beyond my control, the way I had previously envisioned life unfolding wasn’t going to happen now, and I was struggling. Through working with Lorna, I determined my values and have been adjusting how I approach my work and life based on them and took back some control that I felt I had lost. 

I appreciate the thoughtful way that she guided me through some self-realization and how she helped me recognize and prioritize the goals I had personally and professionally.  Her gentle, yet challenging approach led me to feel more confident and courageous in my work and life choices.  The insight and strength I gained through my work with Lorna has been a real gift that came when I needed it most.

Al M.

Lorna will guide you through a process of self-learning and goal setting with kindness and honesty. Her professionalism, humour and sincerity will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Lorna’s coaching could be the biggest and most important thing you do this year!

Brandon C.

I came to Lorna at a time when I needed more balance and creativity in my life. Lorna helped me identify what that really meant for me, including bringing new perspectives to the table. Lorna’s warm, thoughtful and straightforward approach was exactly what I needed!

Racquel R

I reached out to Lorna after hearing her on a podcast, as I was touched by her warmth and wisdom.  I was coasting through life and knew that big changes were necessary.  I had a new business up and running for a year and wasn’t really doing anything with it.  I wanted to make a major life change but couldn’t find the courage to pull the trigger.  There was an overarching theme in my life of playing small and living small, it was holding me back, so it was time to invest in myself.

Lorna brought a grounded strength and calmness into our sessions while we quieted my inner critic and nurtured my inner mentor.  In doing so I was able to recognize my inner strength and courage to make big changes and do scary things. 

I’ve made tremendous progress in my business to the point where the path to success is truly clear.  I’ve embraced the big life change and I lead with excitement and anticipation, no longer being paralyzed by fear.

Lorna’s coaching is heart led and laser focused.  I always left our sessions with increased self awareness and the inner confidence to know I could do everything I wanted to achieve.  I used to have big ideas and they were quickly shut down with self doubt and fear.  The fear and self doubt still come up, only now, I operate from “I’ve got this” as opposed to “I can’t do this.”

I have recommended Lorna to several women I know who are in the same situation, stuck in playing small. I’m incredibly grateful for making this decision to invest in myself and hire Lorna as my coach.  I’ve been forever changed by her work and the rewards will keep coming!

Susan J

Before working with Lorna, I was struggling with a lack of confidence and clarity around my coaching business. I was also facing the difficult decision to end a relationship that was no longer serving me. I was feeling a sense of stagnation and indecision.

I wanted to let go of any imposter syndrome I was holding onto and begin to align how I felt on the inside with what others saw on the outside. I wanted to reach a decision about the relationship that would allow me to live in alignment with my values and through coaching I was able to do that.

Lorna has a wonderful, calming, and supportive presence that she brings to her coaching. She creates a safe and welcoming space where I felt a sense of calmness and support that allowed me to dig deep enough to find the answers inside of me. Lorna listens underneath my words and then asks thought provoking, evocative questions that challenge me to think and to question beliefs that are no longer useful. 

My time in coaching with Lorna was a significant period of growth for me. She worked extensively with me on quieting my inner critic and tapping into my inner mentor. I became more willing to take steps outside my comfort zone. I was selected to coach in a group coaching program and faced the challenge with increased confidence.

I would tell anyone considering coaching with Lorna to make the investment. Her non-judgemental, supportive approach will help you see things through a different lens and to grow in ways you never thought possible. 

Carlee W

It was a wonderful experience working with Lorna. Lorna is a great coach and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the progress she has helped me make in my life. I would not be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without her support.

Nathalie P

When I first met Lorna, my life was drifting aimlessly. I needed a change but felt lost. Lorna helped me to look back at my life and understand who I really am and what was missing. Together we built a plan to fulfill my dreams and passion. She taught me how to battle my negative voice when it shows up, you know the one that says: “you’re not good enough”, “you can’t afford it”, “you have everything, why aren’t you happy”? Lorna knows how to listen beyond words and asks the right questions to get the true answers. Every session left me more and more enlightened and excited about what was coming and the possibilities of what I can accomplish. If you are looking for a professional to guide you through your journey, Lorna is a coach that I would highly recommend!

Brandi B

I began working with Lorna in a time of major transition in my life both personally and professionally.

Our time together helped me challenge the beliefs that were holding me back and Lorna would often create these beautiful visions of what life could look like when I put those aside. She provided a comforting, and challenging (in the best way), relationship and environment.

I am grateful to have worked together and know that she is an amazing woman and coach I can come back to at any time! 

Cynthia S

I’ve worked with several types of practitioners, mentors, counselors, therapists in trying to make a focused effort to bring about change in my life and launch a new business.

Lorna has, by far, been the most effective for me. She has an incredibly unique range and complement of skills; she’s at once brilliantly practical, down to earth, and constructive, while also being remarkably intuitive and insightful.

She offers shrewd business advice and guidance for going deep, in a seamless whole. I highly recommend Lorna, as their coach, for anyone who wants real change in their life.”

Teresa M

I was fortunate to work with Lorna during a time of significant organizational change in my leadership work at a local not for profit. I was feeling frustrated, tired, and uninspired.

Lorna helped me to connect to my values, inspired me to participate in joy filling activities and understand that some of my protective habits were not serving me well. Her patient, friendly coaching methods made me feel safe to explore my thoughts and feelings.

Because of her leadership experience and knowledge in our community and similar work, Lorna could understand my context and offer tangible advice.

Clarice M

Like most university graduates, I was not sure what to do after completing my degree. I put a lot of pressure on myself to figure out what my future would look like and what my “dream job” would be. Lorna came into my life and helped to set me on a path that I have now been following for the last 3 years. I am currently completing my master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, living in cities I had always dreamed of, and accomplishing goals that I never thought I would, all thanks to Lorna’s guidance. Her open and caring personality helped me feel safe in a time filled with many uncertainties. If you are looking for change in your life and do not know where to begin. I would highly recommend reaching out to Lorna to see how coaching with her may benefit you.


I immediately connected with Lorna and felt comfortable talking with her.  It felt almost as if we had already been friends for a long time. She did a great job of asking the right questions and encouraging me to think of things from new perspectives.  She was so insightful and skilled at reading between the lines to reveal things about myself that I never realized. 

Lorna had tools of her own that were very helpful, and she also drew on the knowledge and experience of others such as Annie Grace and Laura McKowen.  I always felt better after talking with Lorna – regardless of whether I had a good week or a bad week.  She knew how to encourage me to stay positive and learn from any setbacks or blips.  I had more success with Lorna than with any other program.

Barbara B

I found Lorna after exploring This Naked Mind’s website and I felt that I resonated with her story and experience. Having been recently widowed, I felt like my life was drifting and I wasn’t sure what was next for me. I was curious about coaching and learning more about the alcohol-free movement as well as finding a path forward now that my husband was gone.  

Today, six months later, I have learned so much through our coaching relationship. I am embracing new opportunities, have done some coach training myself, made the decision to become alcohol free and am enjoying life! Lorna’s style is compassionate and forward thinking.  Her humour puts you at ease and her knowledge as a professional coach is exceptional. If you’re feeling stuck and unsure, I highly recommend Lorna as your coach.