Living Alcohol Free


are you..

At a point in your life where you are questioning your relationship with alcohol?

Drinking too much, which is causing your health and relationships to suffer?

Concerned about what is happening to you, but are afraid to talk about it because you’re worried that you will be labelled an alcoholic?

Determined to find a way to either moderate your drinking or eliminate it completely from your life without feeling deprived or “different”?

Craving more energy and to sleep deeply and peacefully again?

Then you are in the right place!

Through our coaching, you will:

Learn tactics to navigate cravings and take control of those desires.

Clarify your life vision on the other side of alcohol.

Be supported in a safe, authentic, and purposeful way.

If you are ready to move forward…. I can help!

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Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind – Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life & founder of This Naked Mind Institute.

My Story


I don’t consider myself particularly unique. I never drank to excess daily or had a DUI or faced any tragedy due to alcohol consumption. I didn’t hit what some would call a “rock bottom”. I’ve had a pretty wonderful life so far and “thankfully” I’m living in a body, that for the most part, is now pretty healthy.

So, what brought me to becoming a “This Naked Mind” (TNM) certified coach?

I had a “knowing” that my drinking was ever so slowly killing me. That “one” glass of red wine on a Friday night was now five or six and that instead of the occasional drink on the weekend, it was happening much more often than that. I knew the recommended standard for women was one 5 oz drink per day and inwardly scoffed at such a ridiculously small amount! I mean who does that…really.

Wine was becoming a habit for all the times when I was stressed, or sad, or happy or…because it was Tuesday. In other words, just because.

Over time I began to feel unwell. Waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and struggling to get back to sleep and wondering if that last glass was doing any damage to my brain and feeling so anxious. I worried about having the energy to face the next day and even more concerned that one day I would be diagnosed with something that couldn’t be cured.

I began scanning the internet for information, and that is where I discovered a book by international best-selling author Annie Grace – “This Naked Mind – Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life.”

And change my life it did. This Naked Mind offers a new, positive solution. In the book, Annie Grace clearly presents the psychological and neurological components of alcohol use based on the latest science, and reveals the cultural, social, and industry factors that support alcohol dependence in all of us. This Naked Mind will give you freedom from alcohol. It removes the psychological dependence so that you will not crave alcohol, allowing you to easily drink less (or stop drinking).

As a certified coach trained in the tools and tactics from This Naked Mind Institute, I can help.

Read My Story!

This Naked Life - By Annie Grace

48 True Stories of Finding Freedom from Alcohol

This Naked Life offers forty-eight raw and real stories of people who have found freedom from alcohol.

Getting Started

I have 3 and 6 month coaching packages available.

During our time together, we will:

Have a 30 minute introductory call

Meet for a 90 minute strategy session

Use tools and tactics from This Naked Mind Institute including the following books:

  • This Naked Mind – Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life
  • The 30 Day Alcohol Experiment

Weekly Phone/Video Calls – we will schedule at least one 60 minute call per week.

Worksheets – You will be given access to personalized worksheets, which we will use together to build your knowledge and plan.

Support via SMS, Facebook Messenger & Email

  • Focus in on your Life Purpose through a variety of coaching exercises
  • Engage in accountability assignments to make sure our time together is focused and future oriented
  • Develop approaches that are unique to you!


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